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Urban areas are becoming more attractive to feral hogs.  These areas provide all the necessities of life food, water, and shelter in a relatively small area of land.  It is much more efficient to find all of your needs in a relatively small area versus a one that is much more spaced out.  Urban areas can act as a buffet for feral hogs considering the abundance of irrigated and fertilized lawns along with lush landscaping.  These healthy lawns often have a high population of earthworms and grubs which are coveted by feral hogs for their protein content, not to mention the roots of the vegetation used in landscaping.

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The most common type of feral hog damage experienced by urban landowners is rooting; which is a feeding behavior that occurs when the hogs are searching for underground vegetation or insects.  Rooting damage from a single hog can be rather extensive but most often feral hogs travel in extended family groups known as sounders thus multiplying the damage.   Often rooting damage is not a one-time event, it can take place over the course of several weeks or months depending on the abundance of the food source in the area.

Feral Hog damage can put a real dent in your landscape.

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