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D&L Landscaping, Inc. would be happy to schedule a time to discuss your water conservation needs.  The importance of maintaining and adding irrigation systems is key to your water conservation. We can help by  adding drip lines to flower and vegetable gardens, making sure your current system is effectively watering your lawn with no run-off or leaks.  Schedule your consultation today. 

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  • You may use a sprinkler to water before 11 a.m. or after 7 p.m. (However, you can still water outdoors by hand at any time.)

  • Do not allow water to run off the lawn into the street. It is considered water waste and subject to ticketing.

Your Role in Conservation

Like many people, you may have taken for granted that we'll always have enough water. Unfortunately, with the long periods of drought that this area experiences, that's not necessarily true. And as our population grows, the strain on Travis and Williamson County's primary source of water increases.

We want to encourage residents to continue to conserve.  We can't do this alone. We need you to become avid WaterSavers

Choose Plants Carefully for Year-Round Color

The key to having a flourishing flower garden and lawn in is to pick the appropriate plants. Native and adapted plants work best because they can handle the Texas heat. Some perennials need long periods of cold weather in winter to thrive in spring and summer, and the Austin area’s typically mild winters aren’t a good match for those plants.

Simple Gardening Tips 

A 12-month growing season for flowers and plants in Texas means that your garden can be in bloom anytime. With these easy gardening tips, you can keep spots of color going all year long around your Central Texas home.

One of the most important gardening tips homeowners is to water plants appropriately. Many people water too much or too little. Since Central Texas is experiencing drought, it’s even more important to make sure that every drop of water counts.

We encourage homeowners to group their plants by how much water they need. You can use soaker hoses or drip irrigation to water regularly. Mulching flower beds helps to retain moisture and provides natural nutrients to plants as it breaks down over time. Mulch also discourages weed growth.

All landscape should be watered deeply once a week if there’s no rainfall — that includes grass. But over-watering your grass won’t help your lawn, and it can lead to higher water bills. 

Garden Tips
Get help from our landscape experts
Our resources are plentiful to help you select landscaping tailored to this region.  We can help by giving you information for conserving water through careful landscape selection and watering practices.  

Water: We need it.  Our plants need it,  too. By cultivating good watering habits, just as you cultivate your garden, you can use water to sustain your plants and promote healthy growth while conserving supplies for the future.  The key to watering your Texas garden is three-fold:

  • Choose plants adaptive to conditions in your area
  • Measure the amount of water needed to irrigate your landscape
  • Use the right tools and methods to deliver the optimal amount

Spread the word- Mulch 

The use of mulch- A protective ground cover that reduces evaporation of soil moisture, helps maintain uniform soil temperature, reduces soil erosion, controls weeds, and in some case of organic mulches, enriches the soil.  Removing weeds and applying mulch help conserve water by directing it to plants that you want to protect.  3-4 inches of mulch should be maintained around plants and trees.  Mulch around trees should be applied in a V shape.  

Lawn Care

Lawns don't waste water, people do!

You don't have to give up your aesthetically pleasing lawn to conserve water.  It is important as a homeowner to enjoy your lawn even with your concern about water conservation.  Lawns don't waste water, people do.  Lawns benefit the environment  by harvesting water to recharge ground water resources.  Moreover, turfgrass entraps organic pollutants, protects soil from erosion, reduces climatic temperature, and protects structures from fire by making a noncombustible green zone.  But, it's the strategic planning of the lawn and landscape plants and watering practices that make the difference between waste and  conservation. 

D&L Landscaping, Inc. knows that landscaping is more than planting flowers. We  work with our clients to craft the perfect spaces for their needs.

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If you’re putting in new grass, consider Bermuda grass instead of St. Augustine. Bermuda is fairly drought-tolerant, and it can go dormant if drought restrictions force residents to water less than once a week. Although Bermuda grass doesn’t grow in shade, other varieties such as buffalo grass and zoysia will.

To cut down on water use, we recommend limiting the amount of turf that you use in your yard and to create more beds for flowers and vegetables.