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Lawn Maintenence

A comprehensive landscape maintenance program for your lawn saves you money and worry.    D&L Landscaping, Inc. all of the basic landscape maintenance services for every type of lawn and garden.  We have a number of landscape maintenance plans and services that are cost-effective for any property.  

Services we provide for your landscape maintenance.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Trees and shrubs are fertilized according to the particular species in Spring and Fall. 

Turf Weed Control

We apply weed control twice per year in the Spring and Fall. This proactive method is the foundation of a weed-free lawn. 

Seasonal Irrigation Program Testing and Adjustment

We will examine water distribution patterns on a seasonal basis to ensure best coverage, the least usage of water, as well as functionality of the system. System checks and station time adjustments will be made according to the requirements of the plantings and the seasons.

Irrigation Repairs and Upgrades

We will replace and repair any sprinkler heads that are damaged as needed.  As your system ages or your landscape changes, we will make recommendations for mechanical and system control upgrades.

Spring Leaf Removal and Fall Leaf Removal

During the months of February through March trees such as Live Oaks drop their leaves. During this period we will spend extra time on your regularly scheduled visits to clean up the leaves on your lawn, flower beds, even those gathering in porch areas. Fall leaf removal is applicable for trees such as Spanish Oaks and Cedar Elms and occurs during the months of October-December.

Winter Cleanup

This is a one-time cleanup. At this time we will cut back your perennials at the time of dormancy and shear ornamental grasses.