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Central Texas Gardening Tips for Winter

The best rule of thumb for moving plants in winter is this: if your plant thrives in the heat, it may not want to be messed with in the cold.  Some examples would be yellow bells, lantana, rosemary, plumbago and any plant that is native to hotter, drier areas. Better to wait until last frost in March or early April.

For herbaceous perennial salvias (that die to the ground in winter) move their rosettes after last frost.

In fall and winter, we don’t want to move tropical plants (including shrubs like oleander and Pride of Barbados) or any plant that needs protection in winter. Wait to move those after any chance of frost is over in spring.

Wait until April or later to move succulents, cactus and grasses.

TO MOVE IN WINTER: Winter IS the best time to move trees, evergreen shrubs, roses and native dormant perennials like turks cap, rock rose, asters, coneflowers, firebush (Hamelia patens), flame acanthus, mistflower of all varieties, liriope and other evergreen groundcovers.

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Central Texas Tips for Fall Gardening


Perennials, shrubs, ornamental (clumping) grasses

Cover crops for dormant vegetable beds: clover, hairy vetch, elbon (cereal) rye, Austrian winter peas, or annual rye

Late in the month - native wildflower seeds like bluebonnets, phlox, Mexican hat, Indian paintbrush, Indian blanket (gaillardia). Also, non-native poppies, larkspurs, hollyhocks

Perennial herbs like thyme, oregano, lavender

Cilantro seeds or transplants, parsley, dill, fennel , chervil, summer savory, borage


Oak trees safe to prune


Iris, daylily, fern, liriope, spring-blooming perennials, violets


Add compost to vegetable gardens along with organic fertilizer if not already done

Decide wildflower seeds and bulbs to plant in November

Mulch tropical and semi-cold-hardy plants like gingers, Esperanza, Pride of Barbados, Firecracker fern, bananas.

If temps dip, cut basil and preserve in oil in the freezer

Collect seeds of annuals to dry and store inside until next spring.


Fertilize with an organic slow release formula like 8-2-4 or similar ratio. Avoid products with too much nitrogen. This is the best time of year to fertilize.

Brown patch: Apply a quarter inch of compost. Apply corn meal. Find out what’s causing the problem like low drainage spots or compacted areas.

Mow high to fend off weed seeds that are germinating. Taller grass shades them out.

Other tasks

Late month: get row cover or plan other protection in case of early frost in November

Get houseplants ready to move inside. Investigate for any “buddies” that could be coming indoors with them